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Linux Applications CD - RHL 6.0
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 Linux Applications CD for RHL 6.0

Linux Applications CD

As a special bonus in both the Official Red Hat Linux 6.0 box set and the Official Red Hat Linux EXTRA, we give you the Linux Applications CD-ROM. Applications for both workstations and servers alike have been included for you to try. Don't worry about spending your time researching and downloading these products, we've gathered them here in RPM format for fast, convenient installation. Vendors provide their software in either a full version or a demo version (timed-out, or "lite"). Take a look at each vendor's README for complete details.

Star Office requires a registration number. This number is stuck (white sticker, 16 digits) on the outside of the Applications CD sleeve.

File corruptions on some rpm files have kept some users from successfully installing Applixware, Flashpoint, and LP Plus. Downloads are available at the following locations:

Flashpoint by Boulder Software Foundry
  • http://www.bouldersoftware.com/download/index.apm (1.2MB)
  • LP Plus by Plus Technologies
  • http://www.plustechnologies.com/evals.asp (10MB)
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to download these applications.

    Absoft Corporation - Absoft Pro Fortran
    (time limited full version)
    Pro Fortran is a complete suite of Fortran 90, Fortran 77 and debugging tools, math libraries, graphics, HDF and more. Link and debug compatible with gcc. Complete on-line documentation. IMSL Math and Stat libraries optional.
    Acunet.Net, Inc - Acushop Sales Builder
    AcuShop SalesBuilder v3.0 is a multi-tier client/server Web-based transaction processing product that enables users to develop affordable, scalable e-commerce solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional customized approaches.

    Applixware for Linux

    Applix - Applixware for Linux
    (demo version, limited functionality)
    Full office suite including developer bundle. Words, Graphics, Spreadsheets, Data, HTML Author and Presents. Y2K compliant.
    ARDI - Executor
    (demo version, 30 days)
    Executor allows you to run Macintosh programs on your PC. On Linux, people use Executor to run mainstream applications like the Macintosh versions of Microsoft Word 5, Microsoft Excel 4, Adobe Illustrator 6, Adobe Photoshop 3, and Quicken 6. Executor is especially useful if you have a PC at home, but a Macintosh at work or school or vice-versa.
    AstArt Technologies - LPRng
    The LPRng Software is an enhanced, extended and portable implementation of the Berkeley LPR print spooler functionality. LPRng is RFC1179 compliant, provides greatly enhanced security checks, and has highly verbose diagnostics.
    Boulder Software Foundry - Flashpoint
    Web application server which allows C++ applications to quickly and easily generate HTML pages as output to web browsers. Blends the utility and acceptance of HTML as a visual rendering tool with the power and elegance of C++.
    Flashpoint Application Server Technology
    Decosoft - Decosoft Intranet
    (demo version, 5 users for 3 months)
    The complete intranet solution, Decosoft Intranet comes with a website builder and an intranet application server. The suite includes: document management, resource scheduler, organization charge, and many more productivity applications for your intranet.
    Empress Software Empress Software Inc - Embedded Empress Developer's Toolkit
    (full version)
    The Embedded Empress Developer's Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of application development tools designed to meet the challenging demands of a scientific application or growing business enterprise. The core component of the Toolkit is the Empress Relational Database Management System, a high-performance, fast and compact SQL-database engine. A more than five year Linux veteran, Empress is also available on all other major UNIX and NT platforms for flexible, cross-platform development.
    Enhanced Software Technologies - BRU
    (demo version, 30 days)
    BRU is the #1 Linux Backup and Restore Utility, voted Linux Journal Readers' Choice Best Backup in '96, '97, & '98, and show favorite for Utility Software at LinuxWorld Expo in March 1999. BRU's reknown is due to it's outstanding reliability, providing "Backup You Can Trust" to the UNIX community since 1985. BRU is available as a Personal Edition and a Commercial Edition, with both versions providing backups that are easy, fast, and safe.
    Ganymede Software - Ganymede Software Performance Endpoint
    (full version)
    Ganymede provides performance management tools for networks and applications. The heart of these tools is the performance endpoint, included here for free.


    Grey Trout Software - NExS Spreadsheet
    (demo version, limited to 150 cells)
    NExS, the Network Extensible Spreadsheet from Grey Trout Software is a full-featured x-window spreadsheet with a powerful API which interfaces to C, C++, Tcl/Tk and perl.
    Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc - CCVS
    (demo version, simulates function; key unlocks full version)
    CCVS allows you to process credit card transactions in exactly the same way that a point-of-sale terminal does. It includes development kits for C, TCL/TK, Perl, Java, PHP3, and Python so you can incorporate live credit card processing into just about any application.
    IBM - ViaVoice
    Knox Software Corp - Arkeia
    (demo version, 30 days)
    Arkeia is the finest enterprise class, scalable, backup system available on Linux today. Its high-performance network design has specific ease-of-use and reliability features built in so that managing a heterogeneous multi-os environment is a dream. Arkeia supports over 16 different operating systems, all popular tape formats, and ore than 90 types of libraries/autoloaders. it also has extensions for open file management and database backup. If you are running a business on Linux or the other supported platforms, Arkeia is the right choice for your backup needs.
    Knox Software

    Kai C++

    Kuck & Associates - KAI C++
    (full version)
    Simply the best multi-platform ISO C++ compiler. Try it and see for yourself!
    Leverage Information Systems Inc - Locomotive
    (full version)
    Locomotive is a high performance, web application server which supports theServlet 2.1 API, provides failover, load-balancing database integration. The Locomotive is ideally suited to building high volume scalable consumer oriented web applications.
    Link - Petra Internet Gateway
    (demo version, doesn't apply any change to the underlying OS)
    Petra Internet Gateway provides a framework for configuring Linux machines as Internet Servers. Linux is widely used for providing Internet services. Nevertheless their correct configuration is usually quite complex even for qualified personnel. Petra Internet Gateway allows easy and quick configuration of complex Internet Servers, in a consistent and reliable manner.


    Live Software, Inc - JRun
    (full version)
    JRun is THE industry-leading tool for web-enabling your applications. JRun is an easy-to-use Java servlet plugin; for standard web servers that allows web developers to harness the power of server-side Java to create sophisticated web applications. JRun supports all major web servers on all major platforms.
    MathSoft Inc - S-Plus 5 for Linux
    (demo version, 30 days)
    S-Plus is the premier solution for exploratory data analysis, visualization and statistical modeling. S-Plus offers over 3,500 functions including classical statistical techniques and modern methods. The powerful S programming language allows you to create new methods or extend existing methods to suit specific analysis needs. S-Plus offers unsurpassed power, flexibility, and extensibility to take your analysis to a new level.
    Maximized Software - FlashStats
    Log analysis tool to discover which pages are most popular, which search engines are directing users to your website, etc. Ideal for ISPs with multiple websites.
    Mayko - mXmap
    (full version)
    Mayko's mXmap, the default mapping software for the Linux community, allows users to display digitized maps in both vector and raster formats, and integrate them with a GIS unit.
    MetaCard Corp - MetaCard
    (demo version, limited to 10 script statements per object)
    MetaCard is a GUI development and multimedia authoring tool for Windows 3.1/95/NT, Macintosh, and UNIX systems. People of all abailities can build high-quality products with MetaCard's direct manipulation editor and easy-to-learn scripting language. MetaCard is compatible with Apple Corporation's HyperCard but has many extensions including support for color controls and images, vector graphics, scrollbars, and dialog boxes. The MetaTalk language supports arrays, custom (user defined) object properties, and Internet protocols and file formats. Products developed with MetaCard are portable among all supported platforms and can be distributed without licensing fees or royalties, and they run with the look and performance of native applications.
    MpegTV - mtv - demo version, audio limited to 30 sec
    MpegTV Player (mtv) is a realtime software MPEG-1 Video & Audio Player and VCD player. It supports full-screen mode, can play from file, pipe, network URL or Video-CD. mtv was developed with MpegTV SDK, another product from MpegTV.
    Multisoft - FlagShip
    (demo version, 100 writable records)
    FlagShip is a cross platform database development system, fully compatible to Clipper and most other xBase dialects. It is available for all common UNIX brands, including Linux.
    Muncia Software Munica - NetSQL
    (demo version, 180 days)
    Get a cool dynamic website instantly with NetSQL WebPak! Packed with powerful turn-key NetSQL Web applications such as GuestBook Online, NewsRoom Online and Calendar Online, NetSQL WebPak lets you manage, distribute, and automatically publish dynamic web content through a web browser. It is capable of hosting MSAccess, DBase, FoxPro and other ODBC databases on Linux. No programming or web development is required. No additional database server is required because NetSQL relational database server is included! Simply install NetSQL WebPak in your web site and your dynamic website is ready to go! User GuestBook Online, a searchable online contact manager, to gather and manage your mailing list and keep in touch with your friends and customers. User NewsRoom online, a searchable News archive, to post and manage news and articles. Use Calendar Online, a searchable web event manager to post and manage hot events and schedules.
    NetBeans - NetBeans Developer
    (full version)
    NetBeans Developer is an object oriented, visual programming environment written in Java, and based entirely on JavaBeans components and Swing. As a result, NetBeans is easily customizable and extensible - as well as platform independent. Developer comes with an integrated full-featured text editor, debugger, and compiler. It features pluggable Look & Feel, a powerful Form Editor with support for advanced Layout Managers, multiple virtual desktops, components from the KLGroup ... and more.
    Netwin Ltd - DNEWS
    (demo version, 2 months)
    Usenet News Server that is easy to manager. Features include: dynamic fetching of only items that are read, cyclic file system, web-news interface, web management, high performance/IOL impact.
    New Planet Software - THX-1138 (full version)
    THX-1138 provides electronic paper for calculations and graphs.

    New Planet Software - Arrow (full version)
    Arrow provides an elegant, graphical interface to electronic mail.

    New Planet Software - Code Medic (full version)
    Code Medic provides an elegant, graphical interface to the standard UNIX debugger, gdb.

    New Planet Software - Code Crusader (full version)
    Code Crusader is a complete development environment (IDE) inspired by Metrowerks Code Warrior

    New Planet Software - JX (full version)
    JX is a full-featured C++ application framework and GUI class library for the X-window system.
    ObjectShare - Visual Works
    OpenLink Software, Inc - OpenLink Data Access Driver Suite
    (full version)
    The OpenLink Data Access Drives Suite (Multi-Tier Edition) includes a comprehensive bundle of high-performance, industry leading, database connectivity drivers that conform to industry standards such as: Java Database Connectivity (JavaSoft), Open Database Connectivity (Microsoft), and X/Open SQL Call Level Interface (CLI) specification.
    OpenLink Software, Inc - OpenLink Virtuoso
    (full version)
    Virtuoso provides transparent access to your existing data sources, which are typically databases from different database vendors. Through a single connection, Virtuoso will simultaneously connect your ODBC, JDBC, UDBC, OLE-DB client applications and services to data within Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB/2, Informix, Progress, CA-Ingres and other ODBC compliant database engines.
    OpenLink Software, Inc - OpenLink iODBC Driver Manager
    (full version)
    The iODBC Driver Manager is a development & runtime interface that links iODBC or ODBC compliant applications to iODBC or ODBC compliant data access drivers. iODBC enables the development and deployment of database centric applications compatible with the Microsoft ODBC 2.x & X/Open SQL CLI data access standards. The iODBC Driver Manager is available in open-source format under GNUs Library General Public License (LPGPL) scheme.
    ParaSoft Corp - Insure ++
    (lite version, fewer features)
    Insure ++ is an automatic runtime error-detection tool for C./C++. It uses patented Source Code Instrumentation and Mutation Testing technologies to pinpoint bugs quickly and precisely, providing all the information necessary to repair the bug. Insure++ identifies compile-time, runtime, and algorithmic errors, including memory corruption, operations on uninitialized, NULL, or "wild" pointers, memory leaks, errors which allocate and free dynamic memory, operations on unrelated pointers and more.
    Plus Technologies - LP Plus
    (full version)
    LP Plus helps users save time and money by automating print management functions. LP Plus improves management control, increases scheduled uptime, handles forms, supports ERP printing, provides viewing, report distribution and integrates Linux and the Windows PC.
    Plus Technologies logo
    Progressive Systems - Phoenix
    Phoenix is a commercial grade, multi-layer stateful inspection firewall. It features a Java-based GUI with secure remote administration features.

    Reedy RPM logo

    Reedy Creek Technologies - Real-time Page Management
    A web content mangement solution that enables site content management to be safely delegated throughout an organization.
    Scientific Computing Associates, Inc - Linda
    New version of Linda language for high-performance parallel computing applications. Powerful software links PCs and/or workstations on a network, yielding dramatic speedups.
    Stalker Software Inc - CommuniGate Pro Demo version
    (adds a banner to outgoing messages)
    ComuniGate Pro is a high-end, industry strength Internet Mail server. It is based on the Stalker Foundation framework, and it employs the native services of all major operating systems including Windows/x, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, D/UNIX, Irix, HP/UX, and BSDi. The CommuniGate Pro server takes full advantage of modern multi-threaded and multi-processor environments, and includes anti-spam protection, administration via the web, extensive multi-domain support, dial-up capabilities, and unique IMAP multi-mailbox features. Also supported are the following: IMAP4rev1, ESMTP, POP3, WebEmail, MailList, LDAP, ACAP and Peronsal Web Pages with automated publishing. With the same interface and the same file formats on all platforms, CommuniGate Pro can be moved to a new server system easily and quickly. Optimized for every platform, CommuniGate Pro is designed to provide access to hundreds of thousands accounts, and to relay mail on the most heavily loaded sites. Its centralized Log allows for simple trouble shooting.
    Star Division - Star Office
    StarOffice is a premium office productivity suite that runs natively on Linux, Solaris, Windows, and OS/2. It has fully integrated set of powerful applications that provides word processing, spreadsheet, graphic design, presentation, HTML editor, e-mail/news reader, event planner, formula editor, and many other functions. The task oriented design of StarOffice is completely integrated with the internet and permits efficient management of projects with local and virtual team members. Furthermore, StarOffice provides an effective set of document filters that allow interoperability with those stuck with Microsoft Office
    SuperNova - SuperNova
    SuperNova Component Developer is an interactive development tool for generating applications in distributed environments for most of the commonly used industrial database systems, including (but by no means limited to) Informix, Sybase, FoxPro, dBaseIV, C-tree, Jasmine, SQL Server and Oracle. Use SuperNova Component Developer to design your application, dragging and dropping the dialog elements, defining the data dictionary, determining the application flow, and generating code in SuperNova 4GL.
    TakeFive Software - SNiFF +
    (demo version, 50 files valid until 12/31/99)
    SNiFF + is the premier source code engineering tool and provides an integrated collection of source code analysis, browsing, navigation, comprehension, editing, build, configuration management tools for C, C++, Fortran, Java and CORBA IDL developers. SNiFF + enables developers in cross-platform and multi-language environments to utilize the same tool set and GUI.
    Talentsoft - WebPlus


    URLabs - I-Gear
    URLabs I-Gear couples high-performance caching with unparalleled filtering, scheduling, and reporting features for controlling user Web access enterprise-wide.
    VariCAD - VariCAD for Linux
    (demo version)
    CAD for mechanical engineering. 2D, 3D, libraries, calculations, assemblies, BOM, Design Structure, Surface development, 3D->2D export and much more...
    Volano - VolanoChat
    (demo version, limited to 5 concurrent connections)
    VolanoChat is a real-time chat platform. Businesses use VolanoChat to create online help desks, online sales counters and to host moderated community events. VolanoChat supports advertising within public, private, and personal chat rooms. All colors, fonts, images, sounds, logos, and banners can be customized to design unique chat rooms for any intranet or public web site application. Certified 100% pure java.
    (demo version, 30 days)
    Use VSI-FAX to send & receive faxes right at your desktop, or customize your applications with fax capabilities. VSI-FAX is designed to be integrated with any application in the same way as the Linux print spooling utility. Features: broadcasting, logo & signature inclusion, command line integration, unlimited modems, email confirmations, automatic routing, customized cover sheets & more.
    WebTrends Corp - WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Srvr.
    (demo version, 14 days)
    Due to library incompatibility, the version of WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server on the CD will not work with Red Hat Linux 6.0.
    You may download a 6.0 compatible version from WebTrends.

    The WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server provides comprehensive, personalized, real-time web site traffic reports for high traffic web site. The Web Trends Enterprise Reporting Server delivers the highest performance available through a powerful multi-threaded engine that continuously reads and analyzes ongoing web site traffic so reports can be delivered in real-time to hundreds of managers or thousands of users across an organization. Administrators can set access rights to report profiles so managers, users and customers can customized their own reports and drill down on information remotely using a browser.
    Work Group Solutions/Linux Mall - 321contact
    (full version)
    321contact is the multiuser characters based open-source contact manager Linux Mall uses.
    Linux Mall
    XVT - XVT Development Software
    Build high-performance, mission critical client applications rapidly, then port them easily to a wide variety of platforms.


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